So, you might be wondering why you should choose us for your artistic needs rather than some other company or individual.  Well, let us give you just a few simple reasons.

Why you should choose us for…


While our in studio rates are higher than what you might find at a large chain like JC Penney, Target or Walmart, sometimes the old adage holds true – “you get what you pay for.” Would you rather have someone with years or experience capturing your precious memories or settle for a teenager with a few weeks of training? And compared to many of our private studio competitors, we won’t bust your budget.

Unlike the previously mentioned chains, we provide the option to shoot outdoors and/or come to your location for the session.

Many, if not most of our competitors, place watermarks on the final product. We do not. We feel that they can be distracting and take away from the quality of an image.

Also unlike many of our competitors, we believe that you bought the photos so you should have some ownership rights. You can do what you want with them as long as it’s not for commercial purposes.

No sitting fees – ever!

Writing and Editing:

Many writing services hire individuals who simply like to write. Not all of them have extensive training in the English language or a writing-related field. Our writing services are provided by an individual with a professional and educational background in both literature and journalistic writing.

Our writer has a strong knowledge of how to write specifically for the Internet and for search engine optimization purposes.

The writer at Three rivers Creative Arts speaks English as his native tongue and thus understands the nuances of the language better than many service providers that speak it as a second langue.

And of course, while our rates may be higher than some, we keep the job affordable while providing a quality product.

Creative Graphic Services:

We have a good grasp on some keys graphical elements including but not limited to typography, color usage and aesthetic placement of  items within a project.

Like our other services, our turn around time is generally rather efficient.

And as always, while the cost is not the lowest you’ll find out there, it’s still very affordable, especially compared to any large graphic design firms.